Elevated Mast Photography of Warehouse / Industrial Units

Elevated Mast Photography of Warehouse / Industrial Units

Photographing industrial building or warehouses from an elevated perspective is an ideal way to show the commercial premises and the curtilage of the property. Often the service yard or loading area is an important part of the premises for access, servicing, parking, storage or other logistically considerations. The close proximity of arterial roads and services is always an important consideration when marketing commercial property. These aspects can often be included in aerial photographs of the commercial property and the locality which can be annotated in the sales particulars and the marketing brochures.

Yodel Distribution Depot in Yeovil

A number of Yodel distribution centres are being disposed of and CPP Commercial Property Photography was commissioned to photograph nine depots in the south of the UK, ranging from Plymouth to High Wycombe and many in between. We are able to undertake elevated mast photography up to 18 metres in height above ground level. Often heights up to 10 metres are more appropriate to show the important aspects from elevated imagery. Above this level the perspective is more aerial, which can be appropriate especially when undertaken with a wide angle lens view.

Yodel Distribution Depot in Taunton
Yodel Distribution Depot in Yate Bristol
Yodel Distribution Centre Redhill
Elevated Mast Photograph of Yodel Southampton
Elevated Mast Photograph of industrial warehouse in Reading
Elevated Mast Photography at Plymouth
Aerial mast photograph in High Wycombe
Yodel Distribution Depot in Cardiff

The above slideshow of aerial photographs shows the warehouses which were included in the Letting or Sales Particulars for brochures both in print and pdf downloads from the website. The industrial units are currently being marketed on-line by the Warehouse Network, a specialist website set up for the purposes of disposing of these distribution warehouses.

Mobile Pole PhotographyElevated Photography using telescopic mast or pole can be undertaken anywhere it is possible to drive a vehicle. We also have a mast that can be tripod mounted and consequently we are not actually restricted by vehicular access. The mast can be man handled in these circumstances.

The mast is extended pneumatically with the camera on top of the pole. The camera is tethered to a laptop and controlled using a pan and tilt head. Often a number of shots are captured and these images stitched together to provide a high resolution final photograph. Using stitching software it is also possible to correct for distortion and perspective as indeed some of these shots have been. Often correcting for ‘keystone’ provides a better perspective of the property. Both versions of the elevated photograph is this instance were provided. The ‘keystone’ altered image correcting for converging verticals without a loss in quality of the final image.

Our elevated mast can be deployed in adverse conditions using guy ropes to stabilise the telescopic pole. The mast can easily be moved around the site to provide different alternative viewpoints. Furthermore photographic images can be captured at different heights at the same location with ease.

At Commercial Property Photography we also specialises in 360 degree virtual tours. Undertaking a virtual from an elevated view-point is an extremely useful facility. Larger more expansive areas can be better covered from an elevated position. Industrial estates, retail parks, car parking, loading areas and development land are typical of commercial property or sites that are better shown from an elevated position. The camera and a motorised panoramic rig is elevated on the mast which is controlled from ground level. The angle of rotation of the rig is calculated and dependent on the field of view of the lens combination if higher resolution photography is required. More shots provide a higher resolution with a narrower angle of view individually and necessitate a smaller angle of rotation in steps at the top of the mast.

An example of an elevated mast virtual tour at Heywood Distribution Park where there are 22 view-points covering the 150 acre site. Just click on the image below.

Elevated Mast Virtual Tour