Virtual Tour of Slough Trading Estate

Virtual Tour of Slough Trading Estate

We were commissioned to produce a virtual tour of the entire Slough Trading Estate for Segro plc. The Virtual Tour consists of 40 views across the Estate all photographed at a high level using our vehicle mounted elevated mast.

Click here to view the virtual or alternatively on the image below.


The virtual tour has great benefits for prospective tenants just looking around the Trading Estate, but also to Segro personnel and their instructed commercial surveyors and letting agents who can now locate particular units and show interested parties areas and specific units conveniently from their respective offices. An elevated perspective of the whole estate provides a better overview of this very busy commercial area.

virtual-tour-drop-down-menuWithin the virtual tour there are a number different way of locating areas of particular interest. Firstly using the drop down selector menu on the top right which shows all the road names on the Trading Estate for direct connection to a local specific area.

Secondly, on the top left there is a drop down plan of the whole estate with all the scenes or viewpoints located. Each of the view on the plan is clickable, directly linking to each individual virtual tour. On the plan the current viewpoint is highlighted red with a corresponding radar showing precise field of view of the browser window and the direction of this view across the estate. The radar indicator widens and narrows in accordance with the field of view as you zoom in or zoom out. The radar itself is clickable and the direction of view can be altered quickly and easily by just moving the radar to the desired direction.


The third method to navigate to areas of Slough Trading Estate is by using the thumbnail images which expand across the viewing window to enable easy choice. Hovering over the thumbs reveals a text description. All of the thumbs can be bespoke images, names or icons and the hover text can be amended accordingly to your choice. The last method to navigate is by simply clicking on the pulsing concentric circles where the viewer can travel virtually about the estate.

Most of the features within the virtual tour that are viewable on a desktop are also available on the mobile version, both on the idevices, the iPad and iPhone and also the Android. Features of the virtual tour are tailored and some restricted which simply depends upon the size of the viewing device. The drop down road name selector and the drop down plan are included in the mobile version. It must be said that the viewer should certain try to view this virtual tour on an iPad which is impressive and particularly intuitive. The finger navigation and gestures native to the idevices work extremely well on the iPad with this virtual tour.

On this particular tour no instructions are included covering all of aspects of the navigation features, really just for the sake of simplicity. They certain could be included should the client so wish. Our brief from this particular client was to make the viewing experience as simple as possible. After all the purpose here is to show Slough Trading Estate, rather than all the viewing and interactive features available within this comprehensive virtual tour! It has to be said that it is likely the average iPad or iPhone user will intuitively find these features just by their nature.

IQ Winnersh QR CodeThe mobile version also includes an interesting added dimension, the gyro feature to enhance the viewing experience. Devices that do not have a gyro will of course view the tour as would be viewed on a desktop without any alteration to the html code. Furthermore, many clients are taking advantage of QR Codes which we can provide and are printed on brochures and sign boards thereby providing direct access to the virtual tour.