Property Photographer why such a wise investment
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Property Photographer why such a wise investment

Union Jack flying at Broadgate Tower London

Property Photographer why such a wise investment

When it comes to selling or leasing commercial property, the use of top quality images in promotional material cannot be overestimated. This stage of the process is effectively your shop window, and in property first impressions are everything. A good property photographer will open the buyer or renter’s eyes to the potential of the space; how it can improve their business and facilitate productivity or sales. In essence, the right property photographer will help to draw potential buyers or customers to the site, and is an enormous asset in helping to encourage the client to sign on the dotted line, especially when they are back at the office reviewing and comparing brochures.

Of course, commercial property images are obviously not just for property sales and lettings; they are used for brochures, posters, websites, investment portfolios, annual reports and so on. Expert property photographers will be versatile; producing stunning images in print and web format for a range of different audiences. Among many other things, they can help to illuminate the size of your company and the level that you are playing at.

Effective property photography is about delivering top quality images on time, capturing all the best aspects of your space, spending time assessing the atmosphere and how best to encapsulate it. The best property photographers don’t just know how to take great photos; they know how to conceptualise a place. They will get an understanding of how you want to market your space and the message you are trying to get across. Most properties have unique details that can help to sell them – a good property photographer will know how best to represent that.
What’s more, property photography is a sector continually subject to technological and aesthetic innovation to suit the needs of different buildings. With particularly large or unusual properties for example, aerial photography using a mast or pole can be a particularly effective way of creating a bird’s eye view, creating the effect of an airborne camera. It can really help to capture the size and perspective of the site, in ways that other angles often can’t. In some ways offering greater flexibility than satellite or aerial photography, elevated mast photography is a fantastic way of capturing very detailed aerial pictures. Here at Commercial Property Photography .com we have all the state of the art equipment needed to create great images of your commercial property; from whatever perspective they are needed.
Video photography is also a great way to bring to bring a property to life. In fact, it is becoming more and more popular for a commercial space to be videoed before it is put on an agency website. That way, the potential buyer can take a virtual tour of the space before they visit it. A virtual tour enables 360 degree viewing; it can be a wonderful way to evoke the atmosphere of a property, and is a dynamic feature on any website. Research shows that web users tend to spend more time on websites that include interactive components like video tours. It also saves the buyer time and the agent money; no precious hours are wasted in viewings.
Capturing good images for commercial property is all about effectively highlighting the unique potential of the space and its atmosphere. Here at Commercial Property Photography we take the time to consider the best time of day, light, views and staging to create wonderful images that will help sell your business space. When you commission us, we will spend time talking with you in detail about the precise impression you want to create. Whether you’re a developer or an agent, we’d love to help promote your property.  Just call us on 0845 8626865 or send us a message on our contact page.