Virtual Tours linked with QR Codes

Virtual Tours linked with QR Codes

QR Code link to Virtual TourVirtual Tours compiled by Commercial Property Photography work fabulously well on what I call idevices, the iPhone and iPad but also the android phones as well. In fact I think the whole Virtual Tour viewing experienced is enhanced on an iPad especially.

The introduction of QR Codes is not particularly new but their use is becoming much more common across the UK. Agents are not missing the opportunity to use these QR Codes to link directly to our virtual tours which they can host or we can host for them.

Below is a single page printed double sided from one agent Hurst Warne, summarising the letting details of two properties near London. The QR Code for each property links directly to our tour. Incidentally the brochure photography is also provided by CPP. The full pdf can downloaded here or alternatively from the agents Hurst Warne site here

We have a very Special Offer available. Virtual Tours complete including 6 viewpoints, bespoke graphics for just £295 inclusive of all expenses.

Letting Particulars with QR Code