100 Temple Street, Bristol | Photography
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100 Temple Street, Bristol | Photography

100 Temple Street, Bristol | Photography

100 Temple Street is the central Bristol office location for KPMG. We were commissioned for just a few internal and external photographs of the office space available to let by commercial property agents Alder King. It was not possible to capture the main front elevation in one shot from the perspective we wanted to photograph the building.

commercial property photograph at 100 temple street bristol

This was due to trees, traffic signage and other paraphernalia behind us which would have distracted from the purpose of the front elevation image so an extreme wide angle photograph was needed. So we photographed the three shots below and stitched them to make this main front elevation photograph.

100 Temple Street three shot stitch
Never one to anything by halves! The individual shots are a sandwich of a further three shots at each location taken to increase the dynamic range of the photograph. Working at midday is rarely ideal for photographers because of the poor quality of the light and the harsh shadows generally. However, with the sun on this elevation at this time of the year and the building with such pronounced overhanging features, this resulted in some very dark shadows. High dynamic range (HDR) photography, the capture of a number of different exposures, overcomes some of these problems. This technique therefore enabled us to maintain shadow detail in the photograph, whilst also ensure the highlight detail and the lovely blue sky is not lost.
100 Temple Street Brochure
The image above shows the centre page spread of the four page brochure. All of the photography on these page was provided by Steve Townsend of CPP which includes contextual Bristol photos of Temple Meads, Harvey Nichols, Queens Square etc. You can view the full property particulars on the Alder King website or the agents pdf letting download here. If these sources are no longer available the same pdf brochure download is here (1.5MB)