Estate Virtual Tour at IQ Winnersh

Estate Virtual Tour at IQ Winnersh

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IQ Winnersh, near Reading is ideally located close to rail and road networks. It is very close to the M4 motorway and feels like it has its own motorway spur link road direct to the M4 junction 10. It has its own dedicated railway station and also if you don’t fancy the train there is a bus shuttle taking just 10 minutes to the central Reading.

Formerly Winnersh Triangle and renamed IQ Winnersh is being redeveloped by Segro, owners of this business park for the last 25 years. Commercial Property Photography were commissioned by Segro to complete a Virtual Tour of the entire estate, similar to the virtual tour undertaken at Heywood Distribution Park also for Segro, though they have subsequently sold this property.

This is not the first virtual tour that we have completed at Winnersh. We have done a number of individual buildings, probably most significantly 1020 Eskdale Road

The estate virtual tour was completed almost exclusively using our elevated mast facility, enabling a better perspective of the whole estate. A ground level viewpoint for each scene is likely to need so many more images to provide the viewer with the equivalent perspective and understanding of the three dimensional spaces.

A drop down menu show a Estate Plan or map of IQ Winnersh. This was simply a photograph of the location signboard showing ‘You Are Here’ which are available on almost every business park or industrial estate. Often these graphics are more suitable for use in a virtual tour because they are less detailed and simpler, especially at a small scale. The drop down map shows the locations of the viewpoints or scenes and the current view is highlighted green.

The virtual tour of course has been adapted for use on mobile devices. The QR Code above is used on publicity material and provides a direct link to the estate tour. Some of the buttons and the user interface is simplified for the smaller handheld devices. Indeed all of these features can be adapted and coded bespoke for individual clients.