Hargreaves Lansdown Building Bristol
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Hargreaves Lansdown Building Bristol

Hargreaves Lansdown Building Bristol

Hargreaves Lansdown Photo 12 Night shot

Hargreaves Lansdown, the Bristol financial services company commission Architects Stride Treglown to design the building who, now it is complete, have asked us to photograph the new building.

The feature glazed elevation next to the main road unfortunately faced north which is ok during the summer months but not all other times of the year. Photographing this building involved getting up very early to get the photos I needed.

Interestingly it is Stephen Lansdown, co-founder of this FTSE100 business, is the owner and chairman of Bristol City FC. He must be able to see the football ground from his office!

Hargreaves Lansdown Photo 2
Hargreaves Lansdown Photo 1 Entrance Foyer
Hargreaves Lansdown Photo 3 Offices/ Atrium
Hargreaves Lansdown Photo 4 Daytime Anchor RoadHargreaves Lansdown Photo 5 Glass Facade
Hargreaves Lansdown Photo 6
Hargreaves Lansdown Photo 7 Night Shot
Hargreaves Lansdown Photo 8
Hargreaves Lansdown Photo 9