Brixham Fish Market

Brixham Fish Market

This is one of those jobs that everyone in Brixham wants to know what you are doing. Brixham is a small place and maybe out of season not much changes. The new Brixham Fish Market is one of those buildings that will definitely evoke some comment, and from the locals, not always complimentary. People don’t like change and this building is definitely a change.

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The new Brixham Fish Market was designed by Stride Treglown Architects. Because of its location and important front and rear elevations I chose the photograph the building both in the evening, concentrating on the rear and early in the morning. My intention was to stay down in Brixham overnight but when I arrived unfortunately I discovered scaffolding along the quayside in front of the building erected for repairs to the harbour wall. So I chose to complete the twilight shots and come back to Brixham when the scaffolding had been removed.

The second visit, a few weeks later, required an extremely early start to capture the dawn in Brixham and the sunrise casting morning sunlight low across the harbour directly on the new Fish Market. A little later in the morning I had to get all dressed up with hat, coat and hygienic boots to actually go inside the fish market to photograph the early morning trading. Fishing boats generally drop their catch in the evening ready for the next days morning market which goes on everyday of the week. A few of the photographs captured for the Architects are shown here.

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