Slough Bus Station

Slough Bus Station

Slough Bus Station CGI by Bblur Architecture

This is certainly a Bus Station with a difference. When I was asked to photograph doors at a bus station in Slough I wasn’t quite expecting this! Designed by Bblur Architecture after winning a competition I think it is one of those structures you’ll either love or hate. It certainly attracted much comment whilst I was there photographing the building. That comment wasn’t always positive, but I like that. There are so many mundane buildings out there, to promote some comment or stimulate some emotion is definitely a good thing.

I was photographing Slough Bus station for Dorma UK, manufacturers of the slick sliding doors, separating the general public from the area where buses manoeuvre coming in and out of the Bus Station. The red light shows on the door control when the bus is not available and green when passengers can alight.

The above video is a proof and wasn’t the final one selected, though it is the one I like. The final version that my client preferred is shown below.