Virtual Tours: Example with Corporate Branding

The sample Virtual Tour by Commercial Property Photography (CPP) below is typical of our normal entry level service, which actually includes many features other companies do not include – even as optional extras. Features here are listed below:

  • Corporate Branding and bespoke graphics included in every browser window
  • Logos with links to the corporate website as required
  • Thumbnail links
  • CPP branding can be omitted
  • Totally compatible with idevices (iPad and iPhone)
  • Full 360 degree photography

Onyx350 Virtual Tour

The tour can be fully personalised to suit your precise requirements at no extra charge. A series of images are provided automatically to the browser so that the viewing experience is optimised for both quality and download speed. There is no long delay when your prospective customer is just waiting – experience suggests they will just move elsewhere. The longer a Virtual Tour is viewed, more detailed images are cascaded to enhance the viewing experience and to provide the viewer with higher resolution images.

Furthermore there are separate sets of 360 degree images available for the iPhone and the iPad – different resolution images tailored specifically to different devices. For example, the above Virtual Tours actually include 560 individual jpeg images (or tiles as they are better called.) this results in a viewing experience which is enhanced progressively, all of which is included in our standard service.

The Virtual Tour can be further enhanced by the inclusion of maps with radars and drop down menu selectors. An example of these features can be seen here.

Some clients are now adding their own QR Codes to their brochures and signboards. This enables their prospective purchaser or tenant to take a look inside the building with our Virtual Tours just by scanning these matrix barcodes. The folder of images supplied is completely self contained including the necessary swf, javascript, xml files and embedded licences for you to upload. It is really as simple as that!

Alternatively Virtual Tours can be hosted by ourselves at your very own domain