Virtual Tours: Example with Drop-Down Menu and Map

Virtual Tour of Commercial Property

This Virtual Tour is the same as our Example with Corporate Branding which is our base level tour, but with the added drop-down menu selector and a map plus radar features.

If you are viewing this on an iPad please note that the map is disabled in the example shown here. These devices are limited and the browser features are cut-down accordingly. The iPhone screen size is really too small for both of these added options and features.

Drop-down menu selector

The drop down menu is in the top lefthand corner in this example, though it can be positioned anywhere within the window. The user can click on the item listed in the drop down menu to access different tour nodes directly. The selector item description will also change to label the particular view.

The drop-down selector is contained within the box graphic and can be changed accordingly to suit your requirements.

Map and radar

The plan or map is shown in the top righthand corner, again this can be positioned anywhere to suit your requirements. The position of each node photographed and included within the Virtual Tour is shown as a red dot on the plan, while the view of each Virtual Tour is represented by a graduated radar radiating from the relevant red dot. Each dot is selectable and are also labeled when hovered over. The plan also can also be zoomed in for better detail and clarity.

Please make sure that you see the Virtual Tour full screen to view it in all is glory!

The following example shows alternative corporate branding but more importantly a comprehensive site plan or map with interactive buttons at each view point. Note that all virtual tour views wit the exception of the first site entrance view where capture using our elevated mast facility.